Sep 15, 2010

Recovery and Just Sleeping and Resting

Spending some quality time going to bed early and rising when the birds are up and about, without having a hangover - it's like a new beginning. Sorry to soud a tad evangelical about this, but I haven't done anything else other than stop alcohol and I feel so unbloated, so alert and almost happy!

Am trying not to focus on what I am missing out on (ie that drinking is such a fun party and i won't be there) instead what i will say to my circle of friends who are all expecting to see me drinking heavily and almost prepare themselves for it when they see me.

Especially this weekend, we are going to stay at a friends' house for a night and they have seen me asleep on their loungeroom floor, drunk, a couple of times.

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    Great book on the pain of Alcoholic Ashes.